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Optima Lime are the soil health experts.

We specialize in products that lead to better yields, much faster than traditional alternatives. Our full range of agricultural lime sand and manufactured lime products allows us to independently advise farmers on the best products for the short and long term needs of their individual farm soil pH.

Why’s this important?

When soil pH is at its optimum level, soil function is greatly improved. In turn, this means you get the most of your investments in fertilizer and Agchem - as they work harder for you.

True Lime Expertise

Passionately Western Australia, our group business has pioneered the use of lime products across many industrial sectors in Perth. We’ve been working with lime since the 1950s and are the longest established liming business in the state.

With this experience, brings an expertise in the product. That’s why we’ve developed a range of alternative manufactured lime products. At the urging of savvy farmers, not convinced the established way of testing soils and applying lime was correct, we set out to develop a new suite of products. These new products have a faster impact on soil health, penetrate through the soil to have an impact on total soil health not just the top layer, provide cost savings due to the reduced freight costs and deliver soluble Calcium to the soil. Don’t take our word for it. Speak to the happy farmers already enjoying a faster access to better yields.

Best in Class

Many farmers have seen and continue to see effective results from lime sand (know by many as Ag Lime). That’s why we have invested in the best resources and locations for lime sand supply. Our lime sand is market leading in for NV content, fine particle size and the Optima Lime Clean Product Guaruntee. Our sand works as efficiently as possible to remediate your soil issues.