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The latest development in manufactured lime technology, specifically designed to improve lime performance in minimum tillage farming systems. Fast acting due to improved solubility, deeper penetrating for better impact and improved calcium availability.


Fast acting for quicker results

Ultra-fine particles and lime technology reagents in Agri-Cal combine to change pH faster for quicker results. See results in year 1.

Less product is needed

Combining high-efficiency and rapid action, Agri-Cal can get your pH from A to B with less quantity applied than traditional liming options.

Reduced freight costs

Helps minimize one of the major costs associated with liming practises.

Improved Calcium availability

Displace Sodium and Aluminium and help to counteract soil salinity.

Stores well in paddock

Careful product design has resulted in improved stockpile stability.

Protects crops from damage

Improved frost tolerance, improved herbicide performance and improved salt tolerance.

Long term gains

Continued use improves the physical and chemical soil properties of your farm.


Ultra-fine particles

Agri-Cal contains a large percentage of particles below 75 microns – the crucial range for lime mobility in the soil. Up to 10 times more particles below 75 microns than a typical lime sand.

Up to 1000 times more alkaline than typical lime sand

Harnessing the power of the logarithmic scale Agri-Cal utilises hydroxyl chemistry to shift your soil pH fast.

Up to 50 times more soluble neutralizing fraction than a typical lime sand.

Soluble neutralising fractions dissolve in rainfall and move easily to depth, seeking out your acidity problems in the sub-soil.

Purchase at Local Rural Store

Simplify your accounts and leverage the benefits of your store credit terms. Get local support and best of all, don’t pay a cent extra when you order Optima Lime through your local rural store.



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