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Crushed limestone that gives a large surface area, consistency for spreading and storability in the field. Get faster reactivity, better permeation and longer storage life.


Faster reactivity

With 18 times the surface area of unprocessed lime sand, Bio-Lime gets results much more quickly.

Higher yields

More effectively neutralised soils allow development of larger root masses and for crops to access more nutrients. This increases your potential for higher yielding crops.

Better permeation

Increased super fine (<75micron) fraction from the Bio-Lime process allows rainfall to carry lime deeper into the soil profile to continue neutralising acidity.

Longer storage life

Crushed limestone is much more stable while stockpiled than limesand. This gives the farmer more flexibility in their cartage and spreading timetables

Convenient access

With locations north and south of Perth, Bio-Lime can be backloaded year round while delivering produce to the metropolitan receival centres.


Full Bio-Lime Specification

Our advanced process delivers a product that has all the physical properties to perform in the field.

Approved and certified weight loading system

So you can rest easy in the knowledge you’re getting everything you paid for.

Backed by Optima expertise

Our dedicated staff are there to help you get the best possible results from your use of BioLime.

Fast loading

Minimize downtime and get on with the job more quickly. Large capacity loaders and skilled operators load trucks as efficiently as possible.

Purchase at Local Rural Store

Simplify your accounts and leverage the benefits of your store credit terms. Get local support and best of all, don’t pay a cent extra when you order Optima Lime through your local rural store.



Wesco Road, Nowergup, 6032


Lot 2A Wattleup Road, Wattleup 6166