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Blended Bio-Lime, lime reagents and calcium solubilizing agents for use where tillage is limited and fast pH management is needed. Fast acting, reduced freight costs and great value per hectare.


Faster reactivity

Lime technology reagents in Hi-Cal have a higher pH and can therefore change pH faster for quicker results.

Reduced freight costs

Helps minimize one of the major costs associated with liming practises.


Stores well in paddock, allowing cartage all year round.

Convenient access

Readily available and fast loading.

Helps protect crops from damage

Improved frost tolerance, improved herbicide performance and improved salt tolerance. That's the feedback direct from the grower.

Great value per hectare

Perfect for treating big crops in a cost effective manner, particularly where freight is a major program component.

Long term gains

Continued use improves the physical and chemical soil properties of your farm.


High Soluble calcium content

Hi-Cal contains up to 30 times more soluble Calcium than conventional carbonate limes.

Approved and certified weight loading system

So you can rest easy in the knowledge you’re getting everything you paid for.

Backed by Optima expertise

Our dedicated staff are there to help you get the best possible results from your use of Hi-Cal application.

Purchase at Local Rural Store

Simplify your accounts and leverage the benefits of your store credit terms. Get local support and best of all, don’t pay a cent extra when you order Optima Lime through your local rural store.

Proven Results

Work smart, not hard

A test we conducted over the course of two years showed that by switching to Hi-Cal from a traditional liming agent we were able to apply half the amount of product (from 1000 to 500 kg/ha) while meeting or exceeding the performance of the traditional product.

Look after your crops

Properties in Wongan Hills and Caudoux that used Hi-Cal experienced increased chemical effectiveness on broadleaf weeds, solid stems in crops and lower fungal issues.

Guard against frost damage

Properties in Muntadgin and Merredin that had been using Hi-Cal for 2 to 3 years reported minimal frost damage and higher than average yields in years when other properties in the area not treated with Hi-Cal experienced significant losses due to frost damage.

Fight salinity

By incorporating Hi-Cal into saline country farmers have been able to grow crops where it has previously been uneconomical.



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