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Five Good Reasons To Apply Lime Sand

Lime sand is a material that consists of a mixture of sand and lime, and it can be applied to soil for various purposes. Here are five potential reasons to consider applying lime sand to soil:


  1. Adjust soil pH: One of the primary reasons to apply lime sand to soil is to adjust the pH level. Lime sand contains calcium carbonate, which is an alkaline substance that can help neutralize acidic soils. By raising the pH level of the soil, lime sand can improve soil structure, increase nutrient availability, and promote healthy plant growth.
  2. Improve soil structure: Lime sand can also help to improve soil structure by increasing the porosity and water-holding capacity of the soil. The sand in lime sand helps to loosen compacted soils, while the lime helps to bind the soil particles together, creating a more stable soil structure.
  3. Reduce soil erosion: The use of lime sand can help to reduce soil erosion by creating a stable soil structure that is less susceptible to erosion from wind and water. This can be particularly important in areas that are prone to erosion, such as slopes and hillsides.
  4. Provide essential nutrients: Lime sand contains essential nutrients such as calcium and magnesium that can be beneficial for plant growth. These nutrients can help to improve soil fertility and promote healthy root development.
  5. Enhance soil aeration: Lime sand can also enhance soil aeration, which is important for healthy plant growth. The sand in lime sand helps to increase the space between soil particles, allowing air to circulate more freely through the soil. This can help to improve root respiration and nutrient uptake by plants.

Who Are Optima Lime?

Optima Lime are the soil health experts. They have a range of product solutions designed for maximum pH impact, so farmers can access better yields. Faster.

They have 5 locations across Western Australia. Our lime pits are located in Dongara, Lancelin, Wanneroo, Wattleup and Boranup.

And their lime sand can be purchased from rural stores including Elders, Nutrien, David Grays and great independent stores across the state.

To order product or to find out more, you can visit their website at or speak to your local rural store.

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