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Optima Lime are the soil pH experts.

We have a range of lime product solutions for maximum soil pH impact.

Designed to provide better yields – faster.

Take advantage of the following benefits:

Increased soil productivity and efficiency

Season 1 pH adjustment

Lower usage costs

Better value for money

A quicker return on your investment

Optima Lime. Better Yields. Faster.

Our Products

Our range of lime solutions includes:

Lime Sand

A market leading lime sand specification with a superior neutralizing value, fine particle size and clean product guarantee. Save on freight, use less sand and correct soil pH faster.


Crushed limestone that gives a large surface area, consistency for spreading and storability in the field. Get faster reactivity, better permeation and longer storage life.


Blended Bio-Lime, lime reagents and calcium solubilizing agents for use where tillage is limited and fast pH management is needed. Fast acting, reduced freight costs and great value per hectare.


The latest development in manufactured lime technology, specifically designed to improve lime performance in minimum tillage farming systems. Fast acting, reduced freight costs and great value per hectare.


For us Optima is a logical choice because they have the highest NV rating. Why would you want to pay to cart extra dirt when you could be carting extra lime instead?

Gavin PooleBeacon

I've been dealing with Optima for nearing a decade. I switched to using Hi-Cal lime about 5 years ago and have been pleased with the results. These days I order through my local rural store. It couldn’t be easier.

Kim HughesWest Pingelly

Optima’s range of manufactured lime products are faster acting as they are soluble. The lime moves through the soil layers leaving an impact across the whole soil profile, not just the top section. Optima’s lime products have made impressive changes to pH on our farms since changing over 6 years ago.

Dylan LiddelowWilliams

We have been using Hi-Cal under prescription for 8 years. During this time we have seen a rise in our PH levels which is verified by extensive soil tests conducted, processed and reported by a third party soil consultant.
Hi-Cal has many logistical benefits for us. We bring it home during harvest and don’t suffer from wind blow like lime sands and also get a consistent 12m spread. The sum of all parts results in Hi-Cal being a cost effective and efficient product that we will continue to use.

Brad JonesTammin